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How should I go about learning .NET?

I have been working as a VB 6 and ASP programmer for 2 years and now I want to shift to MS.NET. Please suggest the best way to achieve my goal and the best book available to learn .NET.

Well, one thing I would suggest is going to a hands-on Lab or a training session where you can actually code in .NET with an instructor. There are also online courses popping up for .NET. Is there a .NET user group near you? If there is, join it. As far as books go, here are some of my favorites: http://www.sciinfo.com/research_reading.asp.

A great Web site resource is of course SearchVB. Another is http://gotdotnet.com/.

One goal you should shoot for in my opinion is to pass the certification exams for .NET. Being certified doesn't guarantee someone is a good programmer, but it does force you to learn in a logical, directed fashion.

[Editor's note] Be sure to check out SearchWebServices too!

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