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How to access a Web service through its WSDL on XMethods.net

I want to access a Web service thru its WSDL which is available on xmethods.net. Can you tell me how I go about doing that? I know I have to write a SOAP client but I am unclear how to do it.

I suggest that you obtain a WSDL-aware SOAP development environment to help you build your client. These tools will read a WSDL file and generate your client SOAP proxy code. You can find a list of SOAP implementations on xmethods.com One thing to keep in mind -- if you're trying to connect with someone else's Web service, you'll need a client tool that excels at interoperability.

Your choice of tool depends first on your preferred development language. If you're developing with Visual Basic or C#, then I recommend that you use either Microsoft's .NET SDK or the MSSOAP Toolkit. Another popular VB SOAP tool is PocketSOAP. If you're developing with Java, you have a very wide choice of tools. The most popular tools are Apache SOAP, Systinet WASP, and The Mind Electric GLUE.

If you'd like to use Apache, I'd recommend using IBM's WSTK. Apache has a lot of trouble with interoperability, though. WASP and GLUE offer much more user-friendly tools. WASP was the only Java SOAP implementation to pass all interoperability tests at the last SOAPbuilders interoperability lab.

For C++, I recommend Systinet WASP for C++. Borland offers Web services tools for Delphi and Kylix.

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