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How to determine which assemblies and namespaces to use in .NET classes?

I'm familiar with how Java organizes specific classes and interfaces into a nested hierarchy of packages, and how classes are usually shipped with documentation (Javadocs) describing where in this hierarchy the class or interface can be found. Is there corresponding for .NET classes and interfaces? If not, how do we determine which assemblies and namespaces to use for a particular class or interface?
Javadoc is great, isn't it? I am assuming you are referring to 3rd party created classes, not the Framework classes that ship with .NET. The .NET help system is quite good and I find it easy enough to locate information on how to accomplish tasks. For 3rd party created classes, there are 2 options for developers. The first is to use C# to create your class libraries. C# has XML help documentation facilities built in. allowing the developer to create help for users of their components. This is one the reasons I would choose C# over VB when creating components. If the developer chooses VB, then a separate help file would have to be created, as we have been doing. So here's the question to all of you .NET developers out there who are creating components that you want to distribute to others - Are you using C# and XML help?

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