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How to develop and implement SOA

Can you recommend a simple case study on how to develop and implement SOA? We are a small telecom manufacturing and maintenance company, providing services such as installation, post sale servicing, maintenance etc. Any advice for us on implementing a SOA?
SOA is all about eliminating duplication and redundancy via reuse and consolidation. The biggest mistake that you can make in moving towards an SOA, however, is biting off more than you can chew. The simplest way to get started with an SOA is to try doing this with just one service – for a service you know you have multiple implementations of in different applications, begin to formulate a plan and strategy to eliminate the redundant services. Plan this incrementally, to eliminate each redundant copy separately. This step-wise implementation process will make you address all the fundamental organizational issues that underlie a successful move to SOA (such as who owns the shared service and who pays for it). Once you successfully get through this process, you will have all the tools and understanding to extend SOA more broadly in your organization.

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