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How to search for UDDI?

As I know that UDDI is where business to search for partner, I wonder where is the place to search for UDDI or how to search for it? Is there a main UDDI, the central one (like the way DNS does)?
You can always find the UDDI Business Registry (UBR -- the public registry) by going to http://www.uddi.org. This site always maintains links to the public registry nodes operated by IBM, Microsoft, and HP. (SAP and NTT will add their nodes to the public registry at some point in the future.) The V2 public registry access URLs are:


Web: http://uddi.rte.microsoft.com
Inquiry: http://uddi.rte.microsoft.com:80/inquire
Publishing: http://uddi.rte.microsoft.com:80/publish


Web: https://www-3.ibm.com/services/uddi/v2beta/protect/registry.html
Inquiry: http://www-3.ibm.com:80/services/uddi/v2beta/inquiryapi
Publishing: https://www-3.ibm.com:443/services/uddi/v2beta/protect/publishapi


Web: http://uddi.hp.com
Inquiry: http://uddi.hp.com:80/inquire
Publishing: https://uddi.hp.com:443/publish

But not all services are registered in the public registry (many businesses don't want to publish their internal business processes to the public). In many cases a business will publish its services in a private registry. These private registries may be registered in the public registry (a UDDI registry is a Web service, so it can be registered just like any other Web service), or it might be that the company doesn't want to make the registry available to the general public. In this case you will need to obtain the URL to the private registry directly from the company that hosts the registry.

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