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How to send an e-mail from the client side using VB.NET to write an ASP.NET Web app?

When using VB.NET to write an ASP.NET Web application, can I send an e-mail from the client side, instead of sending the e-mail through the server side using smtpmail under the system.web.mail namespace?
If by the client-side you mean the browser, then the answer is no. Browsers run in a sandbox of sorts, or at least should <grin>. You can access the API of a particular email client such as Outlook, but you would have to know that the client is available on every user's machine. My question is why would you want to send email from the client? Doing ANY processing on the client side breaks down the model of a distributed, thin-client application.

Web applications are usually aimed at eliminating client-side processing so as to remain ubiquitous and easy to install and maintain. Will the app be viewed in Netscape? Opera? On Linux? Anything other than Windows with Outlook installed wouldn't work. I would have to have a very good reason to include client-side email in my Web application.

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