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How to write a Web-based app that would be able to send SMS messages

I am trying to write a Web-based app that would be able to send SMS messages to clients. I need to know how to do that..basically what is SMPP and how do I use it (for a Java-based app)? What do I need to do to get connectivity to a SMSC server? Any info. on the above and the basics of SMPP and SMSC plus their connectivity would be greatly appreciated.

SMPP (Short Message Peer to Peer) is a protocol for interfacing between a Short Message Service Centre (SMSC) and an application that does bulk sending and receiving of SMS messages. Typically, SMPP is implemented atop TCP/IP. The application connects to the SMSC by establishing an IP connection (through the Internet, or by dialing into a special phone number given to you by the telco operator).

To get connectivity to an SMSC via SMPP, you either implement SMPP yourself, or you download a Gateway product that will do this for you. There are free offerings for that. Check out: http://www.noctor.com/smsjdk.htm and http://www.kannel.3glab.org/.

Here you will find information about SMPP:

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