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Influential standards

What standards do you think will play a key role in the market during the next year?
During the next year, there will be many standards that will be introduced but two in particular that will have a significant impact on the industry. Web Services Reliable Messaging (WS-RM), which provides the essential guarantee that messages sent by an initial sender will actually get delivered to the receiver - and delivered only once. WS-RM goes even further by ensuring that if messages are sent in a critical sequence they will be delivered in the correct order. There are few business processes within financial services organizations that can be deployed without these fundamental guarantees.

Another new standard to watch in 2004 is Web Services Addressing (WS-Addressing), which provides a transport-neutral way to address Web services and messages, and allows message transmission through varying transport protocols and other intermediaries. WS-RM and WS-Addressing are a powerful combination that will allow pure, standards-based Web services to solve a wealth of integration problems that previously required complex, expensive and proprietary middleware or enterprise application integration (EAI) solutions.

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