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Integrating QoS support into Web services or XML

Do you know if there are any ongoing activities regarding integration of QoS support into Web services or XML?
There are a number of standardization efforts to address Web services QoS. These include management and security standards which in turn leverage core Web services/XML standards (WSDL, SOAP, XML-DSig, etc.,). The OASIS WSDM technical committee has just begun its work in specifying management of Web services (as well as management using Web services). You will find more information on this committee at:


HP is an active member of this committee (I work for HP:-)) and recently announced its contribution to the WSDM effort. You will find more information about this contribution at:


In addition, there are a number of other related efforts that collectively address Web services QoS:

Policy description - ws-policy
Reliable messaging - OASIS TC for Web Services Reliable Messaging
Web Services Security - ws-security
Addressing - ws-addressing

Most of the efforts in this space rely on core Web services standards. There is also a W3C Web Services Architecture working group that defines the Web services reference architecture and also outlines many of the Web services related topis including management.

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