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Is CORBA/SOAP necessary?

I have a banking product written in VB and C++. It is using Tuxedo as OLTP. Now the front end is being changed to Java. Is it necessary to use CORBA/SOAP if I intend using the application on Intranet and Internet?
Well, I won't say that you have to use CORBA or soap, but you are going to have to use something that will provide cross-platform invocation. SOAP and CORBA are both reasonbable options and have different advantages and disadvantages. SOAP is simpler but with fewer features. It is also a fairly new specification. CORBA has been around for a long time so there is lots of information available. It is also well supported by many third party products. It is leaner on the wire if you are concerned about bandwidth and it offers many other services like trader and transaction services (although it sounds like you have the transaction service taken care of).

Finally, you could look at something even simpler than SOAP like xmlrpc which is, as the name suggests, a remote procedure call spec in XML. There are plenty of implementations out there and it isn't too hard to write your own.

In short, you have plenty of options and it is up to you to figure out how to balance feature set and development time.

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