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Is Java middleware the same as a Java Virtual Machine?

Is Java middleware the same thing as a Java Virtual Machine? Or is a JVM a kind of middleware? Or neither of the...


Java middleware is definitely not the same as the JVM. The JVM is the piece of software responsible for translating Java bytecode (as compiled by a java compiler, like javac) into operations on the host platform. Basically, it is the interpreter, the Java runtime. It is the fundamental software required to run java at all. In the J2SDK it is "java" or "java.exe".

Java middleware is built to run on a JVM. Middleware sits in between the user and the application. Middleware gives the developer the capability of connecting the network with application components. An CORBA Object Request Broker or an EJB Server is a good example of middleware, because you deploy components and make them available to the network.


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