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Is it mandatory to have a virtual path to a WSDL document in a UDDI entry?

Is it mandatory to have a virtual path to a WSDL document in a UDDI entry? If not, how do I get information about a published service?

There is no mandatory relationship between UDDI and WSDL. UDDI can be used to register any type of service. WSDL is generally only used to describe SOAP services. For example, if you support RosettaNet, you would probably want to list your RosettaNet services in UDDI, but RosettaNet APIs aren't described by WSDL. If you are publishing a SOAP service that has been described using WSDL, then the OverviewURL in the OverviewDoc in the tModel should point to the WSDL file that describes the abstract features of your service type (<types>, <message>, <portType>, and <binding> -- not the <service>). But it might point to some other location (say a .html or .xml file) that contains a set of links for information about the service (e.g., a WSDL file, an ebXML Specification Schema, a WSCL file, a CORBA IDL file, etc.)

Your bindingTemplate OverviewURL should provide specific instructions on how to use your instance of the service.

It might point to the <service> section of your WSDL document, but you already have the access point, so this is a duplication of information. More likely it will point to an .html or .xml document.

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