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Is reliability a problem with SOAP?

Is reliability (Transport protocol, network protocol) a problem? Can you explain why and how?
Reliability can be a problem if your application can't afford to lose a message. No network is 100% reliable. Some messages are bound to get lost sometimes. If your application can't afford to let a message get lost, then you need to add support for reliable message delivery to your system. There are a number of ways to increase the reliability of your message delivery. One of the simplest ways to do so is to use a reliable delivery protocol, such as JMS. Your JMS implementation should provide a mechanism to ensure that a message is delivered once and only once. If you prefer to use HTTP, then you might want to build a message interceptor that adds a SOAP header that specifies a message id and then persists the message to a local file before it is sent. Then you also need a background service to verify that all messages get properly delivered. You also might consider using a reliable network provider such as Grand Central or Flamenco Networks.

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