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Is the HP AS 8.0 viable in the EAI market?

I work for a large national staffing firm that is exploring implementing EAI tools to replace custom interfaces written w/ PLSQL, and exchange data with 3rd party ASPs used by our divisions. We have are mostly a Microsoft shop using Compaq servers. We discovered that one of our subsidiaries has been using the HP middleware tool called HP AS 8.0. My question is whether this product is viable in the EAI market? Does it have intelligent adapters/connectors prebuilt? Can we purchase connectors from companies such as iWay and Tavis?
It's an application server not an integration server, there are many differences. Application servers are designed primarily for application development and can perform some rudimentary application integration tasks. However, integration servers provide more robust capability including: Adapters, metadata management, as well as complex transformation and routing. You need to consider integration server vendors as well, including Mercator, SeeBeyond, WebMethods, etc..

[Editor's note: For more information on the HP AS 8.0, see HP offers up free application server and this Featured Topic, HP Application Server 8.

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