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Is there declarative transaction support in JDO?

Is there declarative transaction support in JDO? If yes, then does that mean it's going to replace entity beans?
JDO defines pessimistic or "data store" transactions as well as optimistic transactions. If an underlying data store does not support either of these, they can be simulated by the JDO implementation. When JDO is used within a J2EE-compatible application server environment, the transactions can be integrated with the application server's distributed and declarative transaction management.

The success of JDO does not necessarily mean the end of entity beans. Entity beans present other benefits to developers besides persistence management, including life- cycle management, security, remote and local access, etc. JDO can be a complementary technology to EJB. For example, JDO can be used by a developer as the persistence technology for bean-managed persistence (BMP) and JDO may be used by an EJB container vendor as the persistence technology for container-managed persistence (CMP).

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