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Java and .NET interoperability using Apache Axis

Can anyone provide me the solution for accessing the complex data types in Java from .NET client through Web services? I am using Apache Axis.

I suggest you ask this question on the Axis and .NET discussion lists. The basic guidelines for interoperability are:

- Use Document/Literal. Do not use RPC/Encoded or RPC/Literal. (.NET and Axis do not support RPC/Literal anyway). For best result use the Axis WRAPPED style. (There's lots of discussion of the WRAPPED style in the axis-user discussion list archives.)

- Do not expose language-specific collections (.NET Dataset, Java Hashmap, etc.,) through your WSDL interface. Convert all collections to arrays.

- Do not define your array as an extension of soapenc:Array. Define the array as an element as a sequence that contains a repeating element (using the minOccurs and maxOccurs attributes).

- As long as the complex type is a basic structure for simple types or an array of simple types or structures, .NET should be able to consume it automatically. If you don't follow the above guidelines, then you will need to develop a custom deserializer that maps the Axis-generated complex type to a .NET object.

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