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Looking for a tool to convert ASCII text file into XML format

I am looking for an XML translation tool that can convert a text flat file into an XML format. The process is to receive large amounts of data in an ASCII text file and then convert it into XML. There appear to be relatively few data conversion tools available and several of these do not work well with large volumes of data. The user of the tool is not a programmer so the tool needs to be fairly intuitive and user friendly.

The XML schemas have been developed by programmers already, so the tool should be able to simply accept the schemas that have already been developed. The schemas were developed using XMLSpy but this particular program appears to not perform well with large amounts of data.

How can I find out more information on tools that may be available that will satisfy my requirement? How can I tell if the tool is the right one? Not being an XML expert, I find it difficult to make educated decisions based solely upon marketing info on web sites. Are there unbiased evaluations of XML tools (or other expert advice) posted somewhere that people like me can read in order to make smart purchasing decisions?

There are some commercial tools that do this sort of thing well for flat data to XML. In freeware, you might like to look at XFlat.

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