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Mac OS X The Complete Reference: code fix

I recently received your terrific book on Mac OS X The Complete Reference. I am trying to learn Object C++ for Cocoa and have managed to get the Calculator running but in Java. The Objective-C version comes up with 11 errors when I try to build it, and the code doesn't come up as
@implementation Calculator
-(void) divide: (id) sender
(id) numerator; etc etc but
-(IBAction) divide: (id) sender
I wonder if it would be possible to get a copy of the Calculator.h and the Calculator.m file as text if you have them or where I could obtain an example of the correct build of this application in Objective-C. Thank you for your book.
There was an error on page 710. The correct code is at www.philmontmill.com in the Mac OS X section.

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