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Master list of WS specs, drafts, etc.

Is there a Web site that maintains and displays the current status of the varied Web services-related standards, drafts and proposals? If not, is anyone planning such a page?
This is a great question to which the quick answer is "no."

I'm not aware of any single site that is bold enough to claim to have the current status of all the Web services standards in draft, in revision, or completed. Doing this would be a monumental and never-ending task. It's also not straightforward to define a Web services standard –- is XML included? How about the various J2EE standards, or grid computing?

The independent website webservices.org keeps track of most of the important standards, and is very good at tracking news developments. All things XML are covered in Cover Pages. SearchWebServices.com, the sponsors of this column, do a commendable job of cataloging the standards (for an example, see https://searchmicroservices.techtarget.com/definition/Web-Services-Description-Language-WSDL). But the best thing to do is go direct to the source and the various standards bodies like OASIS and W3C.

I suspect this question is actually motivated by a larger concern –- the confusion caused by profusion. Hardly a day goes by without a standard being proposed or modified, and there's no doubt this can deter people from adopting the technology. It can also paint a picture of incompleteness, which I believe is far from the truth.

Web services is a mature technology. SOAP, WSDL and UDDI –- the triumvirate of standards that underpin Web services –- have been with us for several years, and are universally accepted. Other standards, such as WS-Security and WS-Interoperability, are more recent and have made Web services more powerful and more broadly applicable. Newer standards like WS-ReliableMessaging and WS-Eventing will only continue this progress.

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