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Message Brokers

Can you explain the use of message brokers in B2B application integration?
Message brokers represent the nirvana of B2B application integration-enabled middleware. At least, the potential of message brokers represents that nirvana. Message brokers can facilitate information movement between two or more resources (source or target applications) and can account for differences in application semantics and platforms. As such, they are a perfect match for B2B application integration.

Message brokers can also join many applications by using common rules and routing engines. They can transform the schema and content of the information as it flows between various applications and databases. Message brokers are servers that broker messages between two or more source or target applications. In addition to brokering messages, they transform message schemas and alter the content of the messages. The importance of message brokers is a function of their place within the trading community. In general, message brokers are not an application development-enabling technology. Instead, they are a technology that allows many applications to communicate with one another-without any application necessarily understanding anything about the other applications it is sharing information with. In short, message brokers "broker" information between applications and databases. By doing so, they broker information between the various members of trading communities.

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