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Native support for Web services

Dan Foody discusses the capability of using Web services for ASP applications.

Can I develop/use SOA for ASP applications? If yes, then how? If not what is the other approach?

The nice thing about web services (the foundation technology for SOA) is that they work against an extremely broad set of platforms. ASP.NET includes native support for web services. For ASP (pre .NET) Microsoft has a SOAP toolkit which can be used. In addition, there's nothing to stop you from supporting simple web services manually from within an ASP page (all you need to be able to do is read and generate XML documents). You can even do this more simply if you step back from SOAP and use REST techniques – with SOAP the request must be an XML message whereas with REST the request can just be URL parameters on an HTTP get. In either case, you would return an XML document though.

Of course, while you can get a web service up and running pretty quickly using any of these techniques, you will also need to consider issues such as security. The good thing is that you don't need to necessarily hand code security into your ASP application. Instead you can use a web services management product to add the security as a layer around your application.

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