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Oracle database products

Is there an Oracle database product that runs on Intel-based systems? If so, how can I determine the real-world system requirements needed?

Oracle runs as a Windows service (not as a typical windows process) on Windows NT and 2000. It also runs on Linux on Intel. Although unsupported, it also runs on FreeBSD on Intel.

Databases like Oracle do not have requirements in the same way that personal productivity software products such as word processors and spread sheets have. They are designed to be scalable across ranges of hardware that can extend up to large, networked computers that collaborate on an application. The requirements are totally dependent on the use to which the product is put. "Running Oracle" -- like running any database -- isn't the issue. What matters is whether a particular database with particular performance requirements is supported. The best way to get a good answer is through Oracle itself; also, speaking to other Oracle users who are doing similar projects to yours should give you an idea of ballpark needs.

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