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Planning a SOM development strategy

If a developer wants to start on a service-oriented solution, what are the resources available to guide the development strategy so that it is possible for a service-oriented management solution to manage the newly developed solution?
There are lots of resources available to guide the development strategy for a service-oriented solution, and many vendors of development tools and environments make this information freely available. Check out SearchWebServices.com for links.

There are two categories of problems that may fall under the heading of 'Service-Oriented Management'.

The first category is concerned with managing the implementation of the service, or managing the component that is identified as being the service provider. This type of management enables the service to be started and stopped and to query the component for runtime statistics. It's a logical extension to many existing management products that exist for the management of IT infrastructure such as servers, databases, application servers, etc.

The second category is concerned with managing access and usage of a service with relation to the 'Business Activity' that underlies the usage. This type of management enables a service to process the service request according to a predefined set of business rules that relate to the business activity.

As a rule, a developer should not be required to develop their service-oriented solutions for a particular management product, and these approaches and products should be avoided! Also, beware of any management products that encourage developers to place proprietary information within the communications, as this approach negates the promised benefits that result from loose coupling, and introduces potential future problems.

For the first category of product, it may require that a developer adds an interface that adheres to a management standard. These standards are currently in the process of being defined, and for web services, a developer may wish to check out the concepts and ideas published on OASIS and W3C Web sites.

For the second category of product, good Service-Oriented Management products exist that do not require a developer to add code or change code, in order to benefit. So long as a developer follows the guidelines for developing a Service-Oriented Architecture, then a Service-Oriented Management product will be able to manage this service.

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