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Please comment on the following scenarios within an enterprise

I would be grateful for your input to the following scenarios within an enterprise:

1. For integrating apps on the same platform, I would use the platform itself, ex. EJB within J2EE.

2. For integrating/interoperating apps on different platforms I would use SOAP-RPC over HTTP

3. Web services might be optimal if I had a function that was used by multiple apps within my enterprise or which needed to be accessed B2B. Only then could the overhead of WSDL and directory (UDDI) be justifiable?
1. Platforms are not application integration solutions, remember you need to address transformation, process integration, adapters, etc. Today, and at least for the near future, you have to do that using a product.

2. How would you connect SOAP up to your existing applications? How about transformation, routing, process integration, etc.? Sounds like you're managing by magazine here; think through your requirements and determine your solution, this is a complex problem to solve, SOAP, EJB, and so on are all tactical enabling technology. You need to think more strategically here.

3. Indeed, you only leverage Web services when you need application service-oriented type application integration.

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