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Private sector SOA

Thomas Erl discusses how many private sector companies are learning why and how to adopt service-oriented architecture.

Because the SOA is geared toward an architecture of services enterprises, can this system be altered for the "for-profit" organization?

If I understand your question correctly, you are essentially asking whether SOA is suitable for private sector companies. Based on what I've seen in the end-user community, the private sector has been actively adopting SOA and carrying out larger scale service delivery projects when compared to a typical public sector initiative. Many private "for-profit" companies see SOA and service-oriented computing as an opportunity to streamline their IT enterprise by lowering its operational burden and increasing its overall responsiveness. The resulting benefits associated with cost savings and increased organizational agility will allow them to effectively increase profits while also outmaneuvering their competitors. These are significant benefits for which SOA needs to be successfully applied to a significant part of an IT enterprise. For more information about the strategic goals and benefits of SOA and service-oriented computing, see http://www.whatissoa.com.

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