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Problem connecting to server via HTTP connection

Currently, I am developing a project which is related to J2ME, afterward I developed the MIDlet and executed using an emulator(Sun's J2MEWTK). Everything was fine and it worked properly, but after I downloaded the Midlet in to my phone, then a problem occurred when I tried to connect to the server(Java servlet) via HTTP connection. What is the problem? I cannot figure out where to start trying to solve it. Could it be any relation with the network operator (operator doesn't support a network in Java?) Or could we have to activate our line? (I need to activate my GRPS to enable the GPRS to work?)
First of all I would check the HTTP proxy settings on your device. Also check that the dial-in configuration is correct. Now verify that network connections work at all by using the Web browser or e-mail client on the device.

I doubt that this problem is related to the network operator, or to the fact that your application is written in Java. After all, your MIDlet just opens a straight HTTP connection.

Also check the HTTP log file on your web server / sevlet engine. Could be that your device opens a HTTP 1.0 connection, whereas your Web server expects HTTP 1.1. This is a problem we have encountered when we connected MIDlets on the Siemens SL45i to Jakarta Tomcat.

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