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Problems with WSIF API

I have a .NET Web service at a remote machine. I am using the WSIF API but after mentioning the path of WSDL it is not getting the port and showing the exception:
Exception in thread "main" org.apache.wsif.WSIFException: Unable to find an available port at org.apache.wsif.base.WSIFServiceImpl.getPort(Unknown Source) at org.apache.wsif.base.WSIFServiceImpl.getPort(Unknown Source) at Client.main(Client.java:30).

My WSIFServiceFactory method looks like:
WSIFServiceFactory factory = WSIFServiceFactory.newInstance();
WSIFService service = factory.getService(args[0],null,null,"http://tempuri.org/","SVWSSoap"); WSIFPort port= service.getPort();
I'm not an expert on WSIF, and it's difficult to determine the root of the problem without seeing the WSDL file, but I suspect the problem is caused by the fact that the WSDL file includes three ports (which is the default in a .NET service), and you have not specified which port you want to access. You need to change the last line to:
WSIFPort port= service.getPort(portName);

In the future I suggest that you submit urgent questions on WSIF to the axis-user discussion list.

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