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RPC advice

We need to use RPC since we have two applications: one resident on HP-UX and the other on NT requiring exchanging data. Both are using Oracle 8 as the database. How do we go about this? Will appreciate if you can give us a brief idea/references.
A lot depends upon your shop. If you have a middleware infrastructure (MQ Series, MSMQ), why not use that? The obvious answer is use the Oracle message broker with a trigger. Or simply do a bulk copy on a batch basis. Why make things complicated? A more progressive answer is wrap both systems as Web Services using XML and SOAP. IBM and SUN provide free tools for this development. Information is available from a variety of sources, including http://www.soapware.org/bdg. Our software, TierBroker, has been designed to wrap legacy data warehouses in SOAP API's without resorting to bulky Java or C# programming.

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