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Real-world use of instanceParms in UDDI

Where can I find more information about the format of the instanceParms field in the InstanceDetails structure?
Presumably, you are not looking for information on how the instanceParms element is nested inside the instanceDetails element, which is nested inside a tModelInstanceInfo, and so on. But rather how the instanceParms field might be used in the real world. Before explaining that, however, lets do look at where it sits in the overall UDDI structure.

UDDI is rooted at the businessEntity. Each business can register a number of businessServices. Each service can have multiple implementations and therefore multiple bindingTemplates. Associated with each binding should be a number of technical models (tModels) that help describe the technical aspects of a service's implementation. For instance, obeying UDDI Best Practices (version 1), there should be a tModel pointing at a service's WSDL document (and categorized as a "wsdlSpec"). You should add other tModels as necessary--for instance, to show that a service is authenticated or to state that a service is using SMTP as a transport.

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