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Receiving XML from a SAS Web service

I am working with Visual Studio.NET and SAS. To communicate to SAS from the Web application, you use a CGI program called broker.exe. You post the variables to the broker file, and SAS returns the results. The HTML to format the results in a report can be written to the browser by writing additional SAS code. I would like to create a Web service that would receive the variables and pass them to the broker, which would pass them to SAS. SAS can return XML to the Web service, but how would I receive the XML from the Web service to display on the browser?
It sounds like you already have a Web service in the form of the CGI script. Your problem splits into two. (1) how to get variables into broker.exe and (2) how to get XML back.

For (1) you can mimick what a Web browser does with a form submitted to the cgi-script i.e. send a HTTP POST request to broker.exe. For (2) you need to look at what form broker.exe currently returns data in. If it is a formatted HTML page you many need to scrap out the bits you want in the XML. If it already is XML then it will most likely be coming back as a mime type text/xml and your HTTP posting program can pick it up easily as the response document.

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