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Requirements for message brokers/data formatting tool

When considering implementing a message-broker or data formatting tool, what are the most important requirements of any potential product?

Message brokers and formatting tools are generally different products. Tools that are used for brokering, such as MQ Series and Rendezvous, are not necessarily good for ETL work. Data extraction tools, such as Informatica, have no message hub capability. Because everything depends upon the application, it's difficult to make generalizations. However, this should be a start:

Brokers - Guaranteed delivery, throughput and scalability, message subscriber or distribution model, error recovery, transaction monitors.

Data Extraction - Multi-record file formats and transaction packets, database connectivity, XML, adaptors to common message brokers, error reporting, speed, other application level adapters, i.e., SAP, Siebel.

Cost and durability are also important. The software should be "durable" in the sense that it won't be made obsolete by emerging technologies, i.e, Web services.

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