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Resources for thesis on grid computing with Web services

I'm student at the Sir Syed University of Engineering and Technology and am enrolled in the MS (Software Engineering) program. I am hoping to do some research on "Grid Computing with XML Web services" and am looking for a topic for my thesis report. I am unable to find materials on this topic. I'm looking for research papers, links of sites or other related material which could be helpful in my research. I look forward to an early reply and guidance from your site.
A thesis on the relationship and applicability of XML Web services and Grid Technologies will be very interesting. Most research I have seen had not considered the data element requirements of Grid Technology Applications and focused rather on the network architecture, configuration and performance benefits. While these are critical factors in establishing the infrastructure, applications generally are dependent on some element of content or data transfer through the infrastructure to be of any material value. Information based on XML has been adopted readily in many Web service based applications and applying those facets to the infrastructure of a Grid "Network" will bring even greater value and performance. While I haven't seen specific research on the applicability of XML information within Grid Computing Networks, I would recommend the following areas for research:
  • Technology Research News
  • Enterprise Architecture Magazine
  • Network World Magazine
  • Gridcomputing.com
  • Physicstoday.com

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