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SOA governance and infrastructure management

Dana Gardner discusses the role of infrastructure management in service-oriented architecture governance.

What role can our infrastructure play in establishing SOA governance?

It's important not to confuse SOA governance with performance management. SOA governance will help define the best ways that services can and should be used, and how to provide policies and guidelines for those orchestrating and consuming services and composited business processes. But the infrastructure beneath all of that governed SOA activity needs to be managed, and performance needs to be maintained. So how does governance relate to infrastructure management? These are some of the missing links between the design time and runtime feedback that will become essential as SOA ramps up, and efficient use of resources to support SOA activities is demanded. Energy and IT labor are not getting any cheaper.

For now, I would ask the question this way: What role can SOA governance play in managing your infrastructure? Can you gain insights into the demand shifts on infrastructure based on what SOA governance is enabling? Here's a great example of how SOA had far-reaching and unexpected impacts on your organization. Groups of people who never had to have much to do with each other (like network admins), will now have to collaborate and share knowledge on how what they do impacts another group.

This interaction between those doing SOA governance and those doing infrastructure management may someday become more automated. But I'd get ready for a time when these will require actual discussions, and mostly manual adjustments. So it may be time to create some social networking apparatus so these groups can find and help each other more easily -- in strictly human terms.

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