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SOA language for network admins

Dana Gardner, SOA integration expert, discusses how best to go about explaining universe of network definitions and technology that impact so much of IT to those unaware of the language of Web services.

Do you have any suggestions for how to explain the potential benefits of SOA networking devices to network admins in their own language?

Oh, my, and how worlds can collide. There is a whole universe of network definitions and technology that impact so much of IT, but that IT in general has little knowledge of. Conversely, the network support personnel will need to know more about SOA and its dynamic loads and unpredictable nature. I would begin with the issues about how SOA not only changes the way applications are used and deconstructed, but will change the nature of loads and traffic on networks.

More SOAs will demand more use of loosely coupled interoperability technologies, and bring about higher XMl and semantic, or chatty, traffic. We've seen data traffic appliances emerge to help manage these loads. And more such devices on the network will demand a higher level of management and performance assurance, which means the network needs to be service-enabled. These basic issues should show that more intelligence and predictability, as well as near real-time network load balancing, will be needed for SOAs. The network equipment and appliance vendors and consultants in that space have quite a bit of information and collateral on these issues. And it may very well be in the language that network admins talk, Layer by Layer.

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