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SOA pitfalls

What are the pitfalls of adopting an SOA for business critical systems?
As the Web services companies build become increasingly mission critical, the first pitfalls they will have to deal with are new security issues and the lack of IT visibility into active services. As those services increase in use, companies also face the risk of unexpected demand and operational failures. As a result, companies must implement the appropriate security and management infrastructure before they can really begin on the path to SOA.

Once companies begin building out their SOA, they also risk issues of mismatched versions of services, as well as a lack of business visibility into the operations of their SOA. Companies must also realize that an SOA alone doesn't resolve the semantic or data integration issues that companies face. It's important for firms moving to SOA to tackle such semantic issues in parallel with their SOA efforts. Learn more in ZapThink's The Path to Successful Web Services: Navigating the Pitfalls white paper.

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