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SOAP support in SQL Server 2005

Anne Thomas Manes discusses hindrances related to upgrading to SQL server analysis services 2005 in regards to SAAJ API and other SOAP API's.

I've developed an OLAP application using java and XMLA (SOAP based protocol) with SQL server analysis services 2000. I am thinking of upgrading it to SQL server analysis services 2005. What are the hindrances I could possibly face related to SAAJ API and other SOAP API's?

I'm not an expert on OLAP or SQL Server, but I do know that SQL Server 2005 offers significantly better support for SOAP than SQL Server 2000 did. It also includes a lot more native OLAP capabilities. One would hope that you should be able to use your existing XMLA application with SQL Server 2005 without code modification—assuming that Microsoft continues to support XMLA. (The XMLA.org group has been pretty quite since 2002.) XMLA uses RPC/encoded, so from a Java client perspective, you need to use SAAJ or JAX-RPC rather than JAX-WS. RPC/encoded often causes interoperability problems, but considering that you have a working application based on SQL Server 2000, I'm thinking that interoperability won't be your issue. If you encounter problems, it would be because Microsoft changed its support of XMLA.

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