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Schema constructs in a WSDL file

A SearchWebServices.com member asks one of our experts, "Within a WSDL file, in the <schema> part, should I be able to use <include>?" Read the response or pose a question to any of our experts.

I'm trying to use the CapeClear free WSDL Editor and it likes <import> but not <include>. I want to split up the <schema> part into manageable files, but I'd still like to have only one namespace. Within a WSDL file, in the <schema> part, should I be able to use <include>?

The <schema> section in a WSDL file can contain any valid schema construct, including <xsd:include>.

Make sure that you encode the <xsd:include> statement properly (see the XML Schema Part 1 specification).

<include schemaLocation="url-of-the-schema" />

Included schema documents must either have (a) the same targetNamespace as the including schema document or (b) no targetNamespace at all, in which case the included schema document adopts the including schema document's targetNamespace.

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