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Semiconductor companies and EIIP

Do you think the Electronics Industry Information Protocol (EIIP.org) is a viable way for semiconductor companies to provide pointers to their data?
Several standards body initiatives such as SI2 and RosettaNet have attempted to provide a consistent methodology for Semiconductor suppliers to provide component information to the design and procurement organizations in the OEM manufacturer markets. Most of these initiatives have been stifled by several factors:

-Suppliers do not perceive that they benefit from compliance to such initiatives - generally they deem these efforts as a means to make commodities of their products.

-The cost to comply is greater than the standards advocates estimate - they overlook the fact that within a Semiconductor supplier organization, there are many different groups responsible for specific product lines and each creates their own product "data".

-Since most suppliers have indirect sales channels, the distributors are seen as a natural aggregation points for technical data. This is also true of the data aggregation companies like PartMiner and I2.

So in general, while it may be beneficial to have broader points of entree to the supplier data, if it requires data development and provision of specific parameters found in a standard "catalog" or search engine - they will likely not bear the cost. If the EIIP Organization wants nothing more than the supplier to connect pointers and links to their already existing catalogs - that may work, asking for more than a simple pointer will likely be unsuccessful.

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