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Sending an XML construct as a 'Document literal' message type

Given that I have a working client-server SOAP exchange (via MSSOAPP toolkit 3.0), what are the changes I need to make to send an XML order construct as a 'Document literal' message type? I am having difficulty interpreting the specification. I also have been unsuccessful in locating any working examples.
The specification can be difficult to interpret and unfortunately other than the "stock quote" example there are almost no other working samples publicly available. In general, it appears that Microsoft at present has the furthest developed solutions to allow "document/literal" messages. In particular, for WSDL definitions, make sure that the SOAP binding set to "document", SOAP body set to "literal". The actual "document/literal" SOAP request has basically similar content as the "rpc" request. The main difference is how the service is referred to. The following links are great presentations on that very subject:


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