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Short Circuiting

EJB uses RMI-IIOP or RMI_JRMP. RMI-JRMP always uses TCP/IP to call methods and return values. But when it comes to CORBA, suppose both the CORBA server and the client are in the same machine, then CORBA short circuits the client and server neglecting the TCP/IP route.

My question is that if RMI-IIOP is also using IIOP for Remote method calls, for EJBs, then if the EJB server and the client are in the same machine, will they still go through the TCP/IP stack or are they short circuited?

This is really a vendor-specific question. It depends on your EJB server implementation and if they do any short-cuts for in-process calls. I know WebLogic does that. Quite frankly I am not sure if using IIOP has any particular impact on this. I believe with WebLogic they short-cut in-process calls, even if you are using JRMP.

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