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Should you have an m-commerce strategy?

Mobile has now made a significant mark on the area of e-commerce, quickly becoming a preferred platform for consumers. Matthew David explains why an m-commerce strategy is needed.

Black Friday 2015 revealed new data that mobile commerce, or "m-commerce," may be the new norm. IBM's marketing team released a report to highlight the trends they saw for online activity. The following are some of the key points:

  • Mobile now accounts for 57% of all online activity (up 14% from the previous year)
  • 36% of all online sales came from a mobile device
  • Tablets, for the first time, outpaced desktop sales with higher per-average purchases
  • Smartphones outpaced tablets for the number of completed sales, and that number is growing at a massive 75% year over year

These numbers are stunning. What jumps from the page of IBM's report is the speed with which mobile has overtaken desktop as the consumer choice for engagement.

Key elements for an m-commerce strategy

Our phone is the one device we all have with us at all times. Our worlds are now digitally connected from the moment we wake until the moment we go to sleep. Your m-commerce strategy must start with your phone as the center of the digital consumer experience and expand outward from that.

The second part of your m-commerce strategy is the tablet itself. The context-setting story here is that the tablet is a device consumers are showing that they like to use for extended periods of time. It is similar to a laptop, but much more portable.

The final piece of your m-commerce strategy is your approach to the desktop. It is stunning that the center of the digital world has swung from desktop to mobile in less than two years. But consumers have changed how they want to access products and services and the trend is now showing any signs of slowing. Do not continue to invest in your desktop Web strategy; at best, the desktop is a flat growth experience for sales. At worst, it is now a loss leader.

The bottom line: if you don't have an m-commerce strategy then you need to plan on one.

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