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Some questions about application servers solutions...

I have some questions about application servers solutions:
a. Why should a customer choose an application server-solution instead of another solution?
b. For which kind of solutions would it be best to use an application server?
c. Are there any cases where an application server is the ONLY solution which will work?

a. Consider the primary set of problems customers are trying to address today in order to web-enable and integrate existing enterprise systems and databases. The solution needs to allow accessibility from a wide variety of web-based clients and applications, while providing a consistent way of communicating and connecting to the systems within the company's networks.

A solution needs to provide a core set of services for managing and integrating web applications which in turn would access those back-end resources. A web application server is core to the solution - providing a deployment environment for web applications along with a rich set of execution services to manage the connections and system integration that would be necessary.

b. A web application server is ideal for enhancing the infrastructure and getting started in defining a company's business as a true dynamic e-business. It allows access from a broad range of clients with a common browser interface, as well as management of heterogeneous enterprise systems using consistent connection interfaces -- all from a logical middle-tier development and deployment environment.

c. We start with the main set of requirements to bring enterprise-wide data and information to the web, with interoperability and integration with existing networks and processes. Simple web serving of static content and establishing a web presence does not require a web application server behind the web server.

However, the needs for a web application server quickly grow as more transactional applications or non-web data sources need to be accessed to accomplish the tasks through the web. In these cases where process integration, transaction management, and connection management are key, a web application server with a powerful deployment environment becomes essential.

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