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Stress tests

Rami Jaamour discusses how to properly load and stress test, and when to predict application complication components being used.

How do I do properly load and stress test, given that I can't necessarily predict how or when my application complication components will be used?

It is understandable that predicting the future is not possible, but knowing the present is possible. If you know the limits of the applications at the current state, then you gain two important benefits:

1) You can plan around its limitations, so that when load approaches the limits or is expected to approach the limits, you can act.

2) You have a performance baseline, which is a critical piece of data when making changes. It helps you detect performance issues as soon as they are introduced after changes in the application by rerunning the same load tests.

It's like driving a car. You know how many miles your fuel will last, but you do not necessarily know when it is going to run out. You refuel or take action when you reach these limits. The key is to know them first, and that is much more important than trying to predict future needs.

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