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The advantages of platform-based database access protocols

In this expert response, Toufic Boubez discusses the advantages of using JDBC and ADO as opposed to Web services standards such as SOAP.

Are there any advantages to using platform-based database access protocols, like JDBC, ODBC, Hibernate or ADO, in my Web services as opposed to Web services standards such as SOAP?

Typically, performance is the major advantage for using native protocols such as JDBC or ADO. And typically, flexibility and reuse are the major advantages of using a platform neutral protocol such as SOAP. The job of architects and developers is to determine the opportunity cost of each alternative (performance vs. flexibility/reuse) and to make the decision. Database access protocols such as JDBC and ADO are likely to be found happily co-existing with other platform APIs in any Web Services deployment. In many cases, however, JDBC/ADO calls are too fine-grained to be surfaced as SOAP Web services and are instead encapsulated as part of a coarser-grained SOAP call (see the W3C definition of granularity for Web services at p://www.w3.org/TR/ws-arch/).

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