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The difference between J2SE and J2EE

A SearchWebServices.com member asks one of our experts "What is the difference between J2SE and J2EE?" Read the response or pose a question of your own.

What is the difference between J2SE and J2EE?

J2SE (soon to be changed to Java SE) is considered the foundation edition of the Java platform and programming environment in which all other editions are based. J2EE (soon to be changed to Java EE) is the edition of the Java 2 platform targeted at developing multi-tier enterprise applications.

J2EE consists of a set of specifications, APIs and technologies defining enterprise application development. J2EE technology providers expose tools, frameworks and platforms that handle a good deal of the details of enterprise application infrastructure and behavior. J2EE implementations enjoy all of the features of the Java 2 Standard Edition (J2SE) platform with additional frameworks and libraries added to support distributed/Web development.

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