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Time out issues with AXIS

I am using AXIS API in WebLogic 6.1 version to talk to a .NET Web service. Everything works fine, except I am running into timeout issues. AXIS is timing out as the .NET Web service is not responding quickly in certain instances. I am using _call.setProperty ("axis.connect.timeout", new Integer(216000)); to set the timeout in my stub class that is generated by the WSDL2Java utility. It doesn't seem to take this value. It is still timing out in about 40 secs.

According to the Axis FAQs (http://ws.apache.org/axis/faq.html#faq17), you should set the property within the stub as follows:

Here is how to set the timeout given a service named Foo:

FooServiceLocator loc = new FooServiceLocator();
 FooService binding = loc.getFooService();
 org.apache.axis.client.Stub s = (Stub) binding;
 s.setTimeout(1000);  // 1 second, in milliseconds

The default timeout in Axis 1.1 and later is 60 seconds. Axis 1.0 did not have a default timeout (i.e. it defaulted to 0). This timeout value is set on the HTTP socket and is not a connection timeout, which requires implementation we do not have as of Axis 1.1.

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