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Training after internal EAI Web services deployments

Is there any training needed for end-users (especially, non-technical people) after an internal EAI Web services deployment? It was needed in former ERP and EDI deployments.
If Web services are being used properly, end users should never know they exist! Web services are a communication technology that will underlie many different types of applications. While these applications may require that end users be trained, the end users shouldn't ever have to know about how the applications work under-the-covers -- Web services are an implementation detail (albeit an important one).

There's a clear analogy to this with the Internet. End users never needed to be trained on TCP/IP (the core protocol of the Internet) to use the Internet. Instead, users were trained on or learned applications like Web browsers and e-mail. These applications use TCP/IP under the covers, but most end users are blissfully unaware of this fact.

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