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Trying to send a huge result set as a SOAP response

We are trying to send a huge result set as SOAP response, but keep getting OutOfMemory. So we think if we can write the result set in XML format, then save to a file (either compress or without depends on our customer preference, then we can attach it as a SOAP response. Can this be done and how? Any help will really appreciated.
First off, you need to use a SOAP implementation that uses a stream-based parser to parse the attachments. If your SOAP implementation doesn't support stream-based parsing, you'll need to switch to one that does.

You can send attachments with your messages using either MIME or DIME. You need to find out which (if any) your SOAP implementation supports (and that of your customer!). Most implementations support MIME, although a growing number of implementations now also support DIME. MS SOAP and .NET only support DIME. Look through your product documentation. You should be able to find information on using attachments with your product. (It's handled differently by every product.) If your product doesn't provide documentation, try using Google to find some samples.

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