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Using UDDI with Axis Web services

I have a test application which uses Axis 1.1 as a Web service to provide services between client and server. I want to use UDDI to do some publishing and discovery. What kind of UDDI tool I should pick that would cooperate with Axis 1.1? Is there any sample (code) or link on how to use UDDI with an Axis Web service?
Most UDDI implementations will work for you, some better than others. I would recommend that you look for the following aspects in any UDDI tool that you choose:

- Flexible support for building and managing taxonomies
- Ease of querying for services using well described, easy-to-use APIs
- Full support for any JDBC data source
- Robust replication capabilities
- Subscription and notification support (so users know when you make changes to the registry data)

I'd also avoid a solution that forces you to use LDAP as the persistent store.

Sample code is shipped with Systinet WASP UDDI that clearly shows how to publish your Web services and search for others. Other implementations also have code samples.

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