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Using dynamic queues in MQSeries

When using IBM's MQSeries, what are the reasons for using dynamic queues instead of static queues?
I can't say that I know enough about MQSeries to know its particular idiosynchrasies. Generally speaking, however, there is an advantage to creating message queues administratively vs. using dynamic API's. A message queue can have lots of settable options like the maximum size of the in-memory buffers which can control the point at which the in-memory queue gets overflowed into disk storage, or the access control lists which govern who is allowed to access it. These are the things that are better handled by a DBA-type person who can administratively change things at runtime vs. going back into all of the respective applications and changing the code. Its for this reason that JMS, for instance, does not define an API for creating queues dynamically. There is just too much stuff to configure a queue to make it practical. Even so, most messaging vendors do provide a dynamic API.

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